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Tracing traces CIA agent at the President Palace

Tracing traces CIA agent at the President Palace  
January 22, 2011, 09:08:00 AM

[SRN].Foreign Minister Marty Natalegawa claim could not tell which agency the Central Intelligence Agency (CIA), U.S. secret service, and which are not.
"You know baseball (who) CIA agent and who is not a CIA agent. I also do not know. Foreign Ministry did not know which CIA agents, which are not, "Marty said on the sidelines of a meeting with House Commission I on building Nusantara II, Jakarta, yesterday evening (Thursday, 20 / 1).
"Do not believe it is absurd. Already know all the answers, "said Head of State Intelligence Agency (BIN) General (Pur) Sutanto at the Presidential Palace, yesterday (Thursday, 20 / 1).
Before this article continues, I want to underline some important things first so that this paper does not look (read: unreadable) insinuatif also naive.
First, it is true that the debate about the existence of CIA agents in Indonesia are discussed in this paper is part of the discourse of the blown Gaius Tambunan, convicted tax fraud case, after the South Jakarta District Court judges, led by Albertina Ho sentenced seven years imprisonment for himself.
Second, it is true that the testimony was delivered outside the trial of Gaius, in particular, and outside the corridor pro justicia, generally.
Third, as such testimony was Gaius can not (or might not be is a rather appropriate term) is considered as the truth (new).
Fourth, these things delivered Gaius, including about a CIA agent named John Jerome Grice who helped him, should be tested first. John Jerome Grice as a man who allegedly obtained a passport with Gaius membanti Sony Laksono, as well as passports for himself and his wife with Guyana citizenship.
Is it true that John Jerome Grice is a CIA agent? Is it true that one member of Task Force Legal Mafia eradication approve all activities related to the case that wrapped around Gaius? Or: if John Jerome Grice really exist?
After the fourth underlined that, now we are: continue.
"I do not know who the Americans who named John Gerome. I've never heard of before. But in our law, I can not talk about U.S. citizens without the consent of the concerned, "said U.S. Ambassador to Indonesia, Scott Marciel said after meeting with House Commission I on Wednesday (19 / 1).
Marciel said it could not discuss anything about the country's intelligence agency. He is also not allowed to talk about Gaius.
"The CIA is only in the movies," said a member of Commission I of the Democratic Party Pohan Ramadan.
"If anything, John Jerome's very plain. No way he openly admitted as the CIA. Moreover, the statement itself has already been refuted Gaius U.S. ambassador, "he continued.
Unlike the old Pohan Ramadan served in Washington DC at the time was still working for the Java Post, spokesman for the Office of Coordinating Minister for Political, Legal and Human Rights, Sagoem Tamboen, did not rule out what Gaius is mentioned about the involvement of CIA agents in skandalnya is true.
"Information that can not be true and correct. Therefore it is necessary to prove by relevant institutions," Deputy VII field of Communication and Information Coordination Menkopolhukam this yesterday (Friday, 21 / 1).
According to him, Gayus need to explain more details lunge kick and the pursuit of the CIA agents stay in Indonesia.
"True or not, the important first proof, in order not to cause turmoil in the follow-up between Indonesia and the country of origin is concerned," said Sagoem again.

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