Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Citibank burglarized

Citibank burglarized, Police Pursue Other Suspects
In the case of embezzlement of customer funds, the police have named two suspects.

The police have arrested and detained two suspects in the case of embezzlement a Citibank customer. Investigators are still hunting several other people related to embezzlement of funds over the Rp17 billion.

In this case, police have named two suspects, namely MD and D. "There's still being pursued," said Head of Public Relations Division of Police, Inspector General of Police Anton Bahrul Alam at Police Headquarters, Jakarta, Tuesday, March 29, 2011. "(Performer), certainly a lot."

So far, the new MD and D who were arrested by police. MD plays as a manager at Citibank, while the D plays as a teller who embezzled funds to help MD Citibank customer.

The 47-year-old MD who was snared by Law No. 8 of 2010 concerning money laundering. MD suspected crimes by deliberately blurring the transaction and records do not really trust some of the slip transfer withdrawals on account of clients with the assistance of the suspect D.

While this is more than Rp17 billion in funds have been embezzled MD Citibank customer. So far, police investigators have examined the witness as many as 13 people consisting of employees of banks and the three victims as the complainant. (vivanews/adi)

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