Saturday, April 9, 2011

Miraculously, Boy Living with Half a Heart

  Boy Living with a Half Heart
Miraculously, Boy Living with Half a HeartPredicted to live only a few days, he can live up to now seven years old.Saturday, April 9, 2011, 07:08 GMT
Sammy Hori was born with half a heart condition. The results show a photo, the boy has only one ventricle pump. Not two like a normal human. According to a medical matter, he could only live a few days. In fact, the boy is healthy entering the age of seven years.
"It's amazing to watch play football with his friends. We never predicted he would live more than a week," said his mother, Eileen, as quoted from the pages of The Sun.
Female 41 years it did not expect her son to survive, after hearing the doctor's explanation after childbirth. "The doctor says this is the most serious condition he had ever seen. He also said it does not support life," he said.
Eillen and Ken, her husband, was asked to consider medical alternatives offered to save Sammy. Do not want to give in to fate, the couple who lived in Cambridge is taking all the risks of medical action required.
Sammy undergo a number of medical studies to determine the most appropriate type of action. After analyzing medical data and see the photos heart development, Sammy's first surgery at the age of six weeks. This action followed two other operations at the age of four years.
After passing through three operations with the risk level is high enough, Sammy recovered. This kid grew up cheerful and agile like a kid his age. "He has a normal life. Like playing football. Though sometimes have to avoid the cold weather because it has a bad respiratory circulation, he was able to walk and swim like a normal kid," says Eileen.

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