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12 Hollywood Films Insult Indonesia

Maybe too harsh if use the word 'insulting', perhaps more precisely the western movies that in one story talks about the 'evils' that exist in Indonesia .... partly fact, partly exaggerated, his name also pilem, perhaps because the creators are not the Indonesian pilem so not familiar with the situation in Indonesia, or .... perhaps also because they truly understand the Indonesia ...

1. HOUSE (TV series)Film series at Starworld. The Doctor House again ngobatin severely ill children at the doctor's really spelled out, something like, "this sick child must stay in Indonesia."
2. LOOKING FOR JACKIE CHANThe film which tells the child a big fan of Indonesian ancestry china jackie chan until finally met his idol. This kid has an attitude typical of Indonesia, "VIOLATE THE RULES", such as through the guard and ran away from home (go to grandmother's house in Beijing but instead ga sampe place).
3. IN THE HAND GodsThe film about surfing from Hawaii to Bali. At that time there are young peselancar2 of Americans who tried all the waves existing in the world. It was in Lombok / Bali, Indonesian police ketangkep their story, then the police are bribed by way of "shaking hands with nempelin money into the hands of police". Deh escape them.
4. Lethal Weapon 4In one scene, Danny Glover cursing with his trademark expression, "foolish boat is made by a native of Indonesia." Wow, really ngeselin yes. The story that smuggled Chinese immigrants who made jointly use a boat company in Indonesia, (but fictitious). Try note the time of Mel Gibson and the gang again chatting at the station before it invaded Uncle Benny. 'So, Indonesia is described as a country that always make a mess ".
5. THE YEAR OF LIVING Dangerously (1982)This movie is about a journalist who was sent to serve in Jakarta in 1965-1966. At that time, Indonesia led by President Sukarno is experiencing a political crisis and ekonomi.Tak surprised, very chaotic situation depicted Jakarta, complete with frills miserable people from starvation. Enlivened by the acting of Mel Gibson and Sigourney Weaver. Shooting itself implemented in Bangkok, because it is not permitted the government in Jakarta. (Ask me why?). Hehehe. As a result, although there is some dialogue using the Indonesian language, but because the actors are people bangkok, then his words sounded strange in the ears. The most famous scene when his friends Mel Gibson, Billy Kwan (ni artist cuman girl in this film playing a guy) ngegantungin banner at the Hotel Indonesia (story) with the inscription Soekarno FEED YOUR PEOPLE. When Oscar 1982, this film won for best actress Linda Hunt.Fim is not cuman nyebutin Indonesia but about Indonesia. So in this movie, Indonesia is described as a country of conflict.
6.WEST WING (TV series)A tv series that set in a white building, with a fictional character American president President Bartlett (Martin Sheen) and his staff. One episode tells the story of the White House rushing to accept Indonesian president's visit (of course also fictitious) name Siguto (probably meaning Sugito, hahaha). From the beginning of this movie dijelek Indonesia continues to bad-mouth, so that could make watching kesel time (hehehe), there are times like this sentence spoken by a White House staff to a staff of other White House: "Be careful not to make Indonesian people offended, or your head will cut off and paraded around town. " Staff who warned that says he saw on the internet, then staff believes that one more baseball.
So luckily the watch West Wing emang also not directed to believe that if Indonesia seprimitif. Not to mention the wrong information about Indonesia. Described also that Indonesia is a nation that stupid and can not speak English. Then, the story is president of Indonesia came (and again faced the Japanese) but the movements and reminds us of the same grammar president Gus Dur (Hahaha, i do not know what baseball intentionally). The roles of father and mother as Pres RI Siguto cuman gets highlighted from behind, which looks jadul abisss. Mr. President pake peci, his wife pake kebaya and bun hehehe. And they narrow bangetss, may find hard to face wither, a director generalize Asians so aja. White House staff tell us here nyari translator confusion because they say Indonesia Speaks in 300 different languages, and say we do not have a national language. Here ngaconya! Additionally staff is the story of Batak Indonesia, and chaotic again name: Rahmahidi Sumahijo Bambang (funny time ngucapin bule tuh nih name), where the name bataknya? I think some people do not ever hear her name Rahmahidi Sumahijo Batak, Javanese aja ga I think there is.
When the president was a press conference, his staff did an informal meeting and they were dizzy nyari translator because there is 1 person who can Bahasa Batak, and he is Portuguese, but tuh people can not English, so in this film is the story they finally make nyari 2 people translate English-> Portuguese, Portuguese-> Batak. They try to explain if they will help the Indonesian economy provided some political prisoners released. Fortunately, the ending of this movie good. When they take pains to speak Batak and Portuguese, all of a sudden, the staff of Indonesia's Bambang this (that this expression .. emang ga wilt know what real Indonesia ..) that speak English and cursing the staff of the White House "you think Our nation is stupid?
You think we do not know what you think our nation and what you think we could not speak English? We understand all your words of your president's speech and even the direction we are very familiar. But we are a sovereign nation. Do not just because your offhand powers to set policy in our country. Mind your domestic affairs. And one thing, instead we follow your wishes, we'd rather not have helped at all. " Really good ending.Unfortunately only in the movie ya ...
7. The Silence of the LambsIn the film the psychological thriller, starring Jodie Foster was there a scene where the man who kidnapped cannibal sweaters were the words "MADE IN INDONESIA". Does Indonesia have the image as a country that many of kidnapping or because we are manufacturer of textile?
8. Sleeper Cell (2005-2007) (TV series)TV series tells the story of Darwyn Al-Sayeed, a Muslim African-American who worked as an FBI agent. Darwyn task is to investigate cases of terrorism committed terrorist organization leader Faris al-Farik. Narrated, in the episode Target and Scholar, Darwyn dealing with Indonesian student leader named Eddy Pangetsu (Jeff Mallare). Eddy described as a chemical biologist who recruited Faris Al-Farik to create viruses that spread anthrax in the United States. Interestingly, one of the scenes depict Faris accused Eddy smuggle the virus into Indonesia to be sent to his uncle, a local gangster. Okay, our country is now described intelligent, but likes to fight. Ironically again, Sleeper Cell which has the tagline "Friends. Neighbours. Husbands. Terrorists "This was enough to get attention in their home country. The proof, last year the series has been nominated Emmy Awards for Outstanding miniseries, as well as Golden Globe for Best Miniseries.Untungla h, Sleeper Cell menang.Lebih no longer profitable, the actor Jeff Eddy Pangetsu Mallare also not nominated. So in this movie, Indonesia is described as a terrorist nest.
9. Sweetest Thing (2002)In this psychological drama, the beautiful Cameron Diaz was also "talk trash" when complaining because his friends are always just throw tantrums and disruptive. With lightly he commented, "You guys are messed up just like Indonesia." In addition, when Christina Applegate entered the apartment and look in her apartment a mess dipake ML gila2an by Selma Blair, Christina said gini "this place is a mess like Indonesia." So, the room like a broken vessel is equated rich Indonesia
10. NEEDFULL THINGThe movie about the devil who makes a mess of a city of peace. Devil denunciatory entire population of a town of sheep. The main players of a policeman. At the end of the movie devil vowed revenge, by working with the son of the cop in the future (2014), in Jakarta.
11. Miami Vice (TV series)One episode is revealing smuggling drugs hidden in a pineapple from Indonesia.
12. KINGDOMThe film is about terrorism in Saudi Arabia and told the threat of radical group the flow of funds to flow to Jakarta.

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