Friday, July 1, 2011

NASA sued Edgar mitchell

Edgar Mitchell
Science & TechnologySues NASA Astronaut quirky, Edgar MitchellMitchell's sixth man who set foot on the Moon. He intends to sell the Apollo 14 camera. 
U.S. space agency (NASA) sent a demand to the former astronauts, Edgar Mitchell. Because of garanya, the astronauts took the camera mounted in the mission of Apollo 14 and sell it at auction.
Mitchell uses the camera to record the Moon's surface has been accused of illegally camera and intend to profit from it.
The case was revealed when NASA informed that the British auction house, Bonhams, plans to auction off data taken from the camera in March 2011 then. The auctioned object was labeled 'Movie Camera from the Lunar Surface' from the Apollo 14 module Antares. In his description, the object is declared Edgar Mitchell's behavior and estimated U.S. $ 60 thousand to U.S. $ 80 thousand.
"All the equipment and property used for NASA operations remain the property of NASA unless explicitly released or transferred to another party," the U.S. government filed a lawsuit, as published Daily Mail, July 1, 2011. Meanwhile, NASA has no record of the property has been transferred to the Mitchell camera.
The lawsuit also said the government has made repeated requests to Mitchell and his attorney to return the camera, but got no response. In contrast, Mitchell's lawyer, Donald Jacobson, another opinion. "Objects used in the exploration of the Moon given to the astronauts as a gift after they helped NASA missions," said Jacobson.
While the auction house Bonhams, said in an emailed statement, said it had pulled the camera from the auction. "Pending further discussions between NASA and the sender," said a spokesman for Bonhams.
Mitchell is the Apollo 14 astronauts who underwent a nine-day mission on the surface of the Moon in 1971 under the command of Alan Shepard. He was the sixth man who set foot on Earth's satellite.
Known for quirky, in his retirement and Mitchell ran a website selling a photograph of yourself that he'd signed. He never scandalize the world today expressed his belief that life exists beyond Earth.
"Yes, there's nothing questionable about whether there is other life in the universe. I strongly believe we, humans, is not alone," Mitchell said at the time, such as pages loaded Telegraph, July 26, 2008.

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