Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Indonesia Batik Train Achieved World Records

Railway Batik Translucent Muri and World Records
Railway Batik Translucent Muri and World Records,Siapah means of transportation that do not know this one?,, Would you ever ride a train.

The train is the transportation of vehicles with a power of motion, either walking alone or coupled with other vehicles, which will or is being moved on rails. The train is a means of mass transportation that generally consist of a locomotive (vehicle with a power that runs its own motion) and the train or wagon (coupled with other vehicles). Train or a series of relatively large size of the hopper so as to accommodate a passenger or goods on a large scale. Because of its nature as an effective mass transit, some countries try to exploit its full potential as the primary means of transportation both land transportation within the city, intercity, and interstate.

It is not unusual in a train, but there is a very unusual train carriage is that? ... curious?Let's said ...

This train is a train carriage berbatik, carriage decorated with batik motif is Argo Parahyangan trains, which serve Bandung-Jakarta route. PT KAI Want to Raise the prestige Railway with Batik Ornament. PT KAI hoping a train decorated with batik can make people more appreciative of and interested in using the train. Batik is now not only adorn clothing and knick-knacks other modes, but the batik is also now adorn subway train batik PT KAI launched this as a form of pride in batik.

In addition, PT KAI beautify the railroad cars with the hope that more people love trains. This is related to the affluence of a case of a train with stone throwing and theft.Pieces of batik patterned stickers that adorn this Parahyangan train Argo heat and rain resistant. The design consists of a variety of motifs from various regions in West Java, Central, East, such as Cirebon, Pekalongan, Solo and Madura. Five students majoring in Design Institute of Technology Bandung (ITB) is involved in designing the train batik designs. Their design was given the name "Ning Rahayu Lane," the Java language which means "Salvation in the World."Manager of the Indonesian Record Museum (MURI) Jusuf Ngadri scrawled his signature on the train batik to formalize the entry of this train in the MURI record. "On the other hemisphere, it has never been made," said Jusuf, and this train also hit a record of the world.

Currently, new batik decorate a wagon train Argo Parahyangan. But, PT KAI plans to decorate the other carriages with batik to beautify the appearance of the train, in hopes the public will be more interested in using the train as their transportation choices.

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