Wednesday, June 22, 2011

SBY is believed Resign Immediately

In the plenary session yesterday, the House asked for four ministers and a head of the agency, resigned.
Four ministers are asked to retreat, minister Muhaimin Iskandar, Menag Suryadharma Ali (SDA), Marty Natalegawa, and the Minister Salim Al Jufri Segaf. Head BNP2TKI Jumhur Hidayat also had to retreat. Case law Ruyati workers beheaded in Saudi Arabia so climactic disappointment of many flaws House cabinet.
Senior politicians, Zainal Stars, picking up signals from emergency events in plenary yesterday.
"One by one defense SBY has collapsed," said the star to the Rakyat Merdeka Online, Wednesday (22 / 6).
He was sure, the coalition began to crumble slowly built SBY. SBY-Boediono joint secretariat that it pro-government political parties in parliament no longer perform its functions.
"The function and role Setgab to stem the political pressures that will lead to the accumulation of political pressure on the House. If there is a problem that accumulates so the pressure in the House, Setgab duty to minimize," he said.
Harsh criticism from the Parliament to ask the maids President Setgab Coalition collapsed backward signaling.
"From the beginning I said that Setgab stealth, An organization without a clear legal basis. Setgab collapsed," he added.
If Setgab SBY is external defense. As for the internal defense SBY, namely the Democratic Party, was naturally the same fate. Sesmenpora corruption cases opened a rift between factions in the more severe the Democrats.
"If both cases it is rolled into a ball of political heat, it was likely Yudhoyono would ask back," explained a senior Golkar Party politician.
This character likens MKGR, a knight who was leading the troops at war, SBY has no more weapons for the war.
"Because the tools and weapons for the war collapsed, when he was desperate to lead the troops, she just committed suicide in his army. Do not tell retreat, he would reverse itself," he said.
"There is still time for Yudhoyono be a gentleman," added the Stars

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