Monday, June 27, 2011

Toothpicks Spreader HIV Virus

Tusuk Gigi, bisakah menularkan virus HIV 
Toothpicks Spreader HIV Virus
The last few days, in Palembang had circulated a brief message on the phone (cell phone) belonging to both contain the threat of the spread of HIV through a toothpick. In fact, this network continues to propagate this dangerous mission community of fellow sufferers in a special group via Blackberry Massenger (BBM). If real, this becomes a serious threat and the community. Information Sripo ( group) in the neighborhood doctor in RSMH Palembang, on Friday (24/06/2011) confirmed the news, then they are also doing research and trying to get into the group of fuel through a network of Jakarta and the doctor on duty at the RSCM Jakarta. Dental puncture, can transmit the HIV virus
Dental puncture, can transmit the HIV virus
SMS, among others, reads, "They intend to spread the disease to the media there is lots of toothpicks at restaurants and eating houses. Using a toothpick is just to injure the gums to bleed and then rubbed until no visible blood, then a toothpick that has been contaminated is returned to its place, "
Other information is also mentioned, this indication began there was a prostitute who did not receive him ostracized from society because of HIV disease. Later, he also wants others to feel how sick society ostracized. Then, buy a toothpick from the store, which is then soaked with the blood to seep, then washed and dried in the sun until dry.
Afterwards, when he ate at the restaurant, then a toothpick at a restaurant table, he rates with the expectations of others can be infected with HIV through a toothpick. There are also other dissemination of this information because there is a sufferer. Meanwhile, Secretary of the National AIDS Commission (NAC) Palembang H Zailani UD, SIP has previously acknowledged the existence of an increasing number of people living with HIV / AIDS in Palembang. Even at the end of June 2011 alone, found 27 people infected. While in 2010 then there are 50 people, with a total of 540 patients in Palembang people. "The number is expected more, because they are not monitored," he said.
Problem KPA education conducted on patients, Zailani said, based on international rules of the identity of the patient may not be published. But they are encouraged to not spread the virus to others, especially for people who work as prostitutes and drug users through needle and syringe.
It is said, by far the transmission of HIV / AIDS can only occur because of unsafe sexual relationships with people who have been infected with HIV. The use of needles, piercing, tattoos that can cause injuries that are not sterilized together and have previously been used by people infected with HIV. Through blood transfusions contaminated with HIV. And pregnant women are HIV-contaminated on the child she is carrying. While some approaches made to the community of People Living With AIDS (PLWHA) in Palembang, general, people do not talk much and chose to shut up.

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