Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Saudi Arabia Graded Violating Geneva Convention

Saudi Arabia Graded Violating Geneva Convention

Priyo proposes
Saudi Arabia reported to the International Court of Justice.
Severely criticizing the Saudi Arabian government continues to flow from the House of Representatives. Vice Chairman of the House, Priyo Budi Santoso, for example, is still furious with Saudi Arabia has beheaded TKI, Ruyati Satubi bint.

"Saudi Arabia severe in the order of the international association for violating the Geneva Convention, does not inform the government of Indonesia about the case Ruyati," said Priyo in Jakarta, Wednesday, June 22, 2011.

He urged the government to temporarily stop sending workers to countries that have not signed the deal protection of migrant workers in accordance with the recommendations the House of Representatives plenary session yesterday. "Can this be stopped, because if we see workers after a long time we were abused as slaves. It's a matter dignity of the nation," he said.

Better, according to shocking, the next government to prioritize the delivery of professional workers such as nurses and government officials. This is better than sending migrant workers who are not treated humanely.

He hoped the government would resolve problems of workers who are scattered abroad. There are still 303 workers is problematic. "If they are ignorant in matters of this TKI, better back off," he said.

Priyo encourage students of Human Rights (HAM) in Indonesia reported the case to the International Court Ruyati. "I think , human rights activists, my friends please come forward," he hoped.

He admitted that he was not satisfied with government efforts to suppress Saudi Arabia. According to the shocking, the government should submit a memorandum hard on Saudi Arabia.
TKW jobless di Jeddah, Arab Saudi (ANTARA/SAPTONO)

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