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Rituals Married With Genie In Gunung Salak

Rituals Married With Genie In Gunung Salak 
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Waiting the wedding ritual
According to news heard Mysteries, there is often based on human mating ritual with a genie. Marriage is done by people who are destitute or desperate economic need. But according to another newspaper, the genie of human marriage is also often done to shore up business or someones attempt to be more advanced.
Towards the Maghrib, Mystery had just arrived home spiritualist who often marry men with this genie. Far from the hustle and frenetic, the house was located at the foot of spiritualist Salak mountain, Cidahu, Sukabumi.Although far from the bustle of big cities, the houses in this village seems permanent, arranged neatly and impressed magnificent for the size of the village. Not only that, in almost every home parked a car and motorcycle new social status of the population of this ward. Something unimaginable by previous Mystery.
Not long ago, Ustad Yusuf Kabir, who visited spiritualist mystery is emerging from behind the living room of his house. Like the villagers, cleric Yusuf warmly welcomed the arrival of the Mystery. A number of sentences and words of welcome were out of the mouth cleric Yusuf. Apparently cleric who often marry men with the genie is still quite young, his age is estimated to have not even 40 years. Even so of speaking style and aura seems clear that the young cleric has enough power science.
After considerable further ado, Mystery directly express purpose of his visit this time. It seems like a cleric Yusuf thought for a moment, whatever was in his head. But a moment later he was said. "I do often marry people with Jin Islam, but I do not agree if this is said to be idolatrous. Marriage is only a human effort to improve their lives, "said cleric Yusuf.
To see more clearly the human mating ritual with Jin, the Ustad Yusuf invited the Mystery to the location where he used to perform the ritual. Incidentally there are 3 people that night who asked mated with the genie. It turned out to the location where the genie of human marriage is quite far, about 2 or 3 kilometers behind the house cleric Yusuf. Across the township into a valley at the border village with Salak mountain forest, we arrived at a house on the edge of time.
Mystical aura of mystery cash immediately arrived at the sting house. Obviously aura of the house with 8 large space is filled with magical power that enveloped him. The signs of supernatural forces and mystical aura that can be felt and seen with the naked eye. From observations of Mystery, magic and mystical aura that seems clear is due to the frequent ritual process of marriage with a genie in the house. "In this house the ritual procession carried out. We will call the genie from anywhere to be married here, "I'm on the Mystery of Joseph.
Looking around inside the house and surrounding yard, cleric Yusuf explains the requirements and the process of mating ritual with a genie. In the house there are 8 people tonight will be mated with Jin. According to the cleric Yusuf, people generally get married with the jinn as pinched economic problems. There is a debt, his company went bankrupt and others who want more advanced company.
Jin whom he married it would be the wife or husband in the invisible realm. As a wife or husband, genie that also have a responsibility to meet the economic needs of the family. Then the genie was also requested to make money for people who are married. "So the genie that will help us make money," said cleric Yusuf.
Further described cleric Yusuf, only Muslims can only marry with the jinn. Because he thought he had summoned the genie of the class of Muslims who live in different parts of the world. For example genie of Baghdad, Turkey, Egypt, Kuwait, Mecca, Banten, Demak and so on. In addition, people who could be mated with the genie must also have a job or business activities. Because the genie does not bring money in cash. "The genie that will help us earn money from our own efforts," said cleric Yusuf.
After explaining at length about the marriage procession with the genie, cleric Yusuf directly invite the Mystery into a room where he did consent granted. In the dark room measuring 5 by 5 meters was already there are 3 people waiting cleric Yusuf. They are a witness of wedlock, the medium and the people who will be married with a genie. Dedication of air with the aroma of incense and flowers setaman stung the nose. Obviously the man who will marry genie looked nervous. Occasionally he wiped his face with a handkerchief. But a moment later he turned to the left, sometimes to the right and back, as if he had seen.
A moment later, the cleric Yusuf began to recite special prayers, tawasul and sending prayers. Mystery Terekan by him to send prayers to the prophets, ancestors and the supernatural inhabitants of the master of this earth. Last cleric Yusuf then send special prayers to ancestors and the inhabitants of the Land Banten Banten Grand Mosque supernatural. It turned out that night cleric Yusuf would marry a woman of her guests with a genie named Masjid Agung Banten Salsabila Su'a bint Humaid Syech Kazman.
After ten minutes cleric Yusuf recite prayers and mantras and quiet atmosphere. Only the occasional cleric Yusuf heard say the name Salsabila Su'a. It seems this young cleric eyes were closed, but his mouth still muttering. A moment later he was re-opened his eyes as he lifted his arms up. Suddenly the wind was blowing out of nowhere. No one among us who dare to speak. But the tension is evident from the faces of all those who follow this ritual procession.
In tension, suddenly a woman who was sitting right next to the person who will be married with the genie-pitched scream. Of course the woman's screams around the room making absurdly shocked. Mystery almost inching backward shock to hear that shrill voice. Not quite there alone, middle-aged woman was later like a man possessed.The voice  who had now turned abysmally quiet. "Jin Salsabila Su'a was now taken possession of her. Means we are ready to consent granted wedding procession, "said cleric Yusuf.
Like a human marriage with a man, cleric Yusuf then read sighot taqliq. Both bride and groom, witnesses and preparing for marriage guardian consent granted. Prayers of wedlock and the phrase 'Creed was recited as a sign that it was Jin who married a Muslim. The groom who was married to Jin is still visible Salsasbila Su'a nervous and scared. Many times he mispronounced the name of Jin Salsabila Su'a. Time after time he wiped his face and changed his seat.
"Salsabila Su'a bint Humaid Syech Kazman, are you willing to marry ....?" Said cleric Yusuf in a deep voice trembled.
"I am willing," said Jin Salsabila with a shrill loud voice.
"Jin Salsabila Su'a bint Humaid Syech Kazman, are you willing to help your husband's economic problems," asked the cleric Yusuf later.
"I am willing, but my husband also must meet all conditions," said  Jin Salsabila Su'a again.After that, Jin Salsabila Su'a is then explained all the requirements to be met by her husband of the human race. Lasted approximately ten minutes, the procession was completed and running by the rules. Now the groom is entitled Jin Salsabila Su'a and should treat it as a wife.
Although almost the same as the process of human beings with human marriage, the marriage with the genie is of course no different. Because the main purpose of man is married to the genie is certainly not motivated by lust. But more due to human demand for the bride genie can help solve the economic problems of human bride. When the ritual process occurs, the human bride asked why he wants to marry a genie Salsabila Su'a. "I am in debt to the bank, I want to pay the debt and have enough assets," said a human bride.
After the procession ritual cleric Yusuf explains, not all of the ritual process is running smoothly because there are times when the bride refused to marry genie. For example because the genie is not like the appearance of humans that is not appropriate. Or there are times when the genie was rejected because it asked for dowry could not be met humans. "But in general I am calling all the jinn who want to marry anyone," said cleric Yusuf end the conversation with the Mystery.

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