Thursday, March 8, 2012

Murderer Site Still Active

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Presented Saud, one of the sites, known offer services to commit murder charge. "This site will provide services in exchange for a fee to kill," said Saud.
To that end, the Police will browse through the motivation behind creating the site. Police will also look at whether there are criminal elements in it that can be charged for the response to the site.
"Guided by a clear violation of the law in the Penal Code. If that's still in our planning will continue under section 340 and so on. We also see in UU ITE chapters, can be trapped if the criminal act," said Saud.
Cyber ​​Crime Unit via Tipidus, continued Saud The police are still working in the field intensively. "Right now our team is working in the field and handled by officers from West Java Police and Criminal Investigation Unit Cyber ​​Tipidsus," he said.
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To note, in the midst of incessant police action to combat hooliganism, the virtual world shocked by the emergence of sites that offer the services of an assassin.
At one site that offers the services of a hitman in writing "killer Services Pay Rent" is emblazoned on the front page of the site. The site is also clearly written, "We provide professional personnel who are trained and credentialed to serve your order. We also have the Kakas and support people in the military and the police."
Not only that, the site service provider also offers a method of execution against the target. Namely, it can be planned together or direct the applicant to submit everything to the mercenary.
Posted price varies, depending on the type of targets and the elimination of trace levels of difficulty. Kidnapping rates are more expensive than the price of murder, because the target is still alive.
Rates of child entrepreneurs different from the price of private college students. So is the price of the mayor's certainly different from the price of electronic traders.
However, service providers requested payment is made by using cash. Service providers are also currently serves only goal in the city of Bandung.
Service providers will not accept a mess. Even if there are service providers threatened to use his services and service users are not serious, then they will not escape from the killer.
In fact, it was listed on the site email the provider if there are applicants who are interested, "please email to:"
In addition, the story of a hitman services also appear on a killer. On 22 September 2011, the author of the blog delivered testimony about his experiences.
The author mentions in the blog, his first experience in the execution. That is killing men affair his client's wife, complete with photos, addresses and 5 million in cash.
"Time is money worth 5 million is huge. I also execute a man who worked as a private employee is on May 22, 2009," he wrote in those sites. [SRN-VIVA]

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