Friday, March 16, 2012

Mystery Email from The Tomb

Mystery Of Tomb
Mystery  Email from The Tomb
Five months after his death, a number of relatives and friends receive a mysterious email.

Jack Froese died suddenly in June 2011, at the age of 32 years. Arrhythmia, or heart rhythm disturbance rate claimed his life, and left a deep sorrow for those left behind, their relatives and friends.However, five months after his death, a number of the closest people claiming to have received a mysterious email from an account owned by Froese. The strange, email it offends their personal conversation before the man from Pennsylvania's death.Her family said, no one knew his email password code, and they are not sure, has been hacked.

One recipient, a small late sidekick, Tim Hart. He claimed to be surprised when you receive an email from Froese, a month after his tragic death. "One night in November, I sat on the sofa, opened the e-mail from my cell phone. Suddenly a message came. Sender: Jack Froese," he said, told the BBC.Subject of the email, "I'm watching you". Underneath is written the message, "Do you hear me? I'm at home now. Clean the attic!"Hart added, shortly before the death of Froese, they had talked about the attic, where the late mention how messy and dirty conditions. "When the conversation was going on, just me and him," added Hart.Meanwhile, Froese's cousin, Jimmy McGraw admitted receiving email on 21 November 2011, about the ankle injury that he experienced after the death of Froese.Electronic mail that reads, "Hey Jim, what is? I know you've got an ankle injury, I tried to warn you. It should be more careful."McGraw believes that his cousin was trying to deal with it. "Trying to encourage me, for the better.". Meanwhile, a friend claimed to receive an email that contains a complaint Froese, email is broken.Who actually sent the email, is still mysterious. However, they claim to accept it as something to be thankful for. "Even if these people work for fun, I do not care," said Hart.Hart admitted had a reply to this email, but never got a reply.Froese friends admitted, will not waste energy and time to investigate the source of the email. They chose the messages are considered as a 'gift' from Froese, rather than just a joke.Likewise, with his mother, Patty, "It's very unusual. Messages that make people happy, some make people angry. But, for me, email it to us no reason to continue to remember it."Indeed there are a number of electronic messaging services that can be set in order to send an email to friends and family. But the service could not explain the phenomenon of "email Froese from beyond the grave". .[SRN-VIVANEWS]

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